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Strategic & marketing consulting

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Tozahot company was established in 1996.

Tozahot deals with strategic counseling and counseling to investors in the Israeli market.

Our all around client care and strategic counseling takes into consideration the competitive surroundings in which the company operates and builds a strategy that will lead the company to the utmost success in the Israeli market.

Besides our strategic work frame we provide not only strategic counseling but also assistance with business development, due diligence quality control and marketing strategies.

We build a strategic collaboration with leading entities in the relevant market for our clients in order to leverage the best outcome for both businesses. A win-win situation.


Our work frame also provides counseling to foreign investors in which we make sure we track down the best investment opportunities to fit their specific requests.

When our foreign investors become owners or partners in an Israeli company or start-up, we represent them as Board Directors and act as their “Eyes” with managing the firm.

We also make sure the policy and strategy that was presented the investors/ owners would be taken care of from our end with professional manner.

We take care of our customer's interest in their chosen firms whilst having substantial experience in the Israeli business market.

We provide and report our foreign investors and follow guidelines in the reports upon their specific requests and moderation.


As a foreign investor in the Israeli market, you must have someone to protect your investment and make it thrives towards the goals you defined!

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